Sunday, 26 March 2017

2017 Chevrolet BOLT EV First drive: The new electric car for every man

Well, the all new electric car is going to hit the markets soon and this will make you jump out of your skin if you are a car enthusiast to the core!

To all the car passionates out there! Here comes something special for you: the all new 2017 Chevrolet BOLT EV First drive which are the all new electric car for everyone who loves the cars a lot. Bolt EV has just reinvented what the electric vehicle should be. This Bolt EV was also named Motor Trend’s 2017 Car of the Year. On other side, if we talk about some old is gold: classic vintage cars, then we can find these cars are are one of a kind and catches the eyes in fraction of seconds.

This car will have the lavish exterior to its class performance, which has a quite capacious interior and advanced technologies.

The 2 trims of BOLT EV Trims/Models: 

Here is the 2 trim/models of Bolt EV which will leave you gob-smacked:

#1 Bolt EV LT:

-> Electronic precision shifting is included in this.
->The tires of the car are the Michelin self-sealing tires.
-> This model includes 10.2 inch diagonal color touchscreen.
->It also has the rear vision camera.

#2 Bolt EV Premier:

->This model includes the complete features of LT model.
->It has the real mirror camera in the car.
->Surround vision is just perfect.
->This car has the leather-wrapped heated steering wheel.

Some of the days are long and so even your range:

#1 Ragen as per the requirement: 

It is just very simple pull for the paddle in the car which is there on your steering wheel as such. With this technology you can slow down the car without making any use of the actual brake pedal. This also helps in making the energy into higher electricity and then transfer the same into the battery itself.

This completely means that the braking power is there in your hands only. There are used cars for sale in different brands which you must know. If you are living in UAE, then you can acquire the luxurious cars of different brands, you can purchase your dream car from across the country and formulate them in a luxurious way.

#2 One pedal driving is the best: 

This is also the best feature which helps you in transferring the energy into the battery when you had to slow down the vehicle. When you opt for going by car on the low mode at any damn speed then you will have to come to the complete stop just by simply lifting your foot in car off the accelerator. This also implies that you can use your brakes less and just help in increasing the range.

These 2 amazing features of one paddle and also the declaration may be just limited when the battery is completely charged up or just somewhat cold. You need to always use your brakes pedal and kit there is a requirement for stopping quickly. See the owner’s manual for the complete details regarding One-Pedal Driving and also about the Ragen in Demand. 

#3 Feature of Electronic precision shifting in the car: 

This enables you to quickly and electronically make the selection of gears which also provides a quick response. So there is no such shifter included which creates the open front passenger spacing at the time of providing seamless and the best experience. You can also buy used cars of Chevrolet or other brands that looks just ravishing.

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Charging of the car is as easy as 1-2-3:

This Chevrolet upcoming electric car has the best in class charging options for you and these are mentioned below:

#1 240 volt/ 32-Amp charging unit: 

Once you have charged this car for half an hour then this car will go on till 25 miles per hour.

#2 Charging through DC Fast charging: 

Through this the car will run for 90 miles per one hour of the charging time as such.

#3 Location based charging car option: 

Through this you will be able to personalize the settings as per your schedule. 

Closing Thoughts: 

So this is the upcoming car which is the first electric car: 2017 Chevrolet BOLT EV First drive that  will leave the car enthusiasts completely amazed by the best features. In this new electric car you can also know about your power too as to how much energy is being used by your classy Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car and accordingly you can proceed for driving.

Some Chevrolet fans are also the youth who just can’t afford the luxe cars and so they opt for buying used cars of the brand Chevrolet and unleash their passion for driving the car at high speed which makes their adrenaline rush for sure and this will help them to make their passion of driving come true.

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