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Do's and Don'ts of Business Startup in Dubai

Are you looking forward to be an entrepreneur? You might be looking forward to establish your own startup in the beautiful city like Dubai. There are various kinds of businesses which you can start in Dubai and make it reach new heights and turn it into the leading brand. 

Well, there are different kinds of businesses which you can start in Dubai. It all depends as per your budget and your capability, etc. 

Why people opt for doing business in Dubai?

You might be sitting and enjoying the cup of coffee in any part of this world, and looking forward to establish a wonderful coffee cafe in Dubai, the marvelous city of the Gulf. The dream city of the Gulf, where people desire to have a job or even establishing their business.

There are various kinds of business growth sectors in Dubai that will help you succeed in enhancing and flourishing your business at a rapid pace. 

Just like the stunning cities like Paris or the Los Angeles, Dubai also grabs the eyeballs of people in the world towards the huge and incredible buildings. People from all over the world desire to come to this place to get rich soon in life. This wonderful city offers different opportunities to the people in the world in various areas like food/beverages, travel/tourism, arts/crafts and the list is long.  

As per one of the surveys conducted, the city is said to have provided around 20,000+ licenses in the year 2015. 

Dubai is the gateway to around 1 billion of consumers in the markets in the whole of the Middle East, Africa & Asia.

Well, if you too are looking forward to establish a startup in Dubai, then there are various do's and Don'ts to be considered before doing so:

#DO: You are required to be well-dressed and wear a smile:

The residents of Dubai highly appreciate their brands, but people in this city have also become clever in understanding and sophistication. 

Dubai is the city which is Western in the trend following but this place has the roots which are Islamic, the culture which follows different sets of rules. If you are a male or female, you need to be well dressed, be smart and wear a smile and be modest in your dressing sense which is a must. 

For instance, the suit and tie are quite compulsory for men attending the meetings. You must always have the happy and positive energy for social and even the corporate trends in Dubai. Nobody aspires to come at Dubai getting submerged in gloom.
There is a different form of dealing with Emirate people as they follow different customs. While attending the meetings as such, you must follow the etiquette to treat any new introductions with immense respect. You might not know the ranks of people who come at the meeting so you need to be aware of following the good manners to address people. 

For instance, you must never shake hands with the opposite sex people until and unless they will extend their hands first and for shaking hands always make use of your right hand. 

You must not go soon in the business matters. You might be in a hurry but always take care of the person's day, health and the family before you talk about the business dealings. You must always take some time and let the other party to start the business chat.

#DO: In Dubai you must go in-person for business matters:

Dubai is the beautiful city where you will not go very far with the email introductions as well as through the online transactions. In Dubai, you are required to go in-person networking trends to meet and greet the people. You must meet them, enjoy the drinks on offer, talk to people in the rooms and later on getting in touch with them. Every industry has some kinds of network and that is the reason closer personal relationships are quite necessary. 

Word-of-mouth marketing is also best in Dubai. You must make as many contacts as possible which will be helpful for you in enhancing your skills and the client lists. So you must join various groups, conferences, various networking sessions. You must have your trendy looking business card in handy with the Arabic language also printed on it on the side. There are 15 top business listing websites in UAE where you can list your business and get good sales leads. 

#DO: You must go as per the culture of Dubai and submerge yourself in new traditions: 

Dubai has a very different tradition as it is the city in the Gulf. You must learn to live in that tradition which is a rich tradition. If the climate is considered, Dubai gets quite hot in summers as such. It reaches up to 45 degrees Celsius in summers. It is a desert place. You will get to experience the cool nights. There are various adventures to enjoy like dune bashing, oasis hunting, etc. 

You can also learn the language, Arabic which is being spoken in Dubai. It will be of great help to you. 

#DO: Keep yourself high in the research mode: 

When you are looking forward to establish a business in Dubai, you need to research a lot in various ways. Before you opt for starting work in the new city, then you must know about the different kinds of venture in the region. You should be well-versed with the tradition of the region. You can search about the business for sale on the classified websites which will help you in enhancing your research.

You can perform immense research through various sources which will be of great help to you in various ways. If you researching about the real estate, then the best time for Dubai real estate investment is 2017.

#DON'T: You must not brag about your achievements: 

Dubai is the city which has turned out to be overpopulated with people who show-off and tell that they are the best, and superior in a particular field. 

This city is moving towards the modern trend and desires to have the best quality over the quantity. You must avoid making use of too many cliches while marketing and promoting the business, right from pamphlets to the online marketing event techniques. 

#DON'T: You must not think meetings and notifications as planned:

When you are headed towards a marvelous and beautiful city for doing business, you must have the good patience in you for having balance in work and life. Many times the business group meeting can go for longer. Many times people will check their phones in the meeting, join the meetings without announcing and then proceed to change the conversation, or come to the meeting very late. 

Many times you might not like it if you belong to the European or North American business environment, so you must be patient enough in this kind of atmosphere in the meetings. You must think carefully before you speak at the meetings and it is just challenging to work with the diverse people of different nationalities. You must not forget that you must keep the business in the family.

#DON'T: You must not forget your manners:

Dubai is the place which follows a different customs being the Islam religion city. The Emirates and the business people who work in Dubai do love to crack jokes but being irrelevant through the discussion is not being appreciated always. You must not make use of the R-rated language in Dubai, which is against the Islamic culture as such. 

#DON'T: You must not forget to take it easy in Dubai:

You must not let your confidence level down when you opt for establishing a new business start-up in Dubai. Dubai has different entrepreneurs from around the world as such. You need to be polite in your works and keep your  eyes glued to the goals. 

Closing Thoughts:

So, you are welcome to Dubai for starting a new startup in this wonderful city. You can set up from a variety of enterprises in Dubai.

Many of the talented entrepreneur are reaching new heights by establishing their own startup in Dubai as it is the tax-free place. 
Once you have established your own startup, you will then require to get good sales leads and have higher revenues. At DubaiPoster classified app, you will find various opportunities to add your business on various business selling websites worldwide which will help you in making good customer-base and increase your revenues. 

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