Monday, 11 July 2016

Top Rated Gaming Consoles Ever

Video games have become all the rage these days, especially among the youth. The youth love playing video games to the core.

The term “video game console” is used for differentiating a machine which is specially designed for the consumers to use for playing video games in contrast to arcade machines or the home computers. There are top 10 trending play-station games which are loved by the game players a lot.

While opting for the best gaming console:

Before going down in favor of a gaming console, at first you must decide as to which kind of gaming experience you desire, The controller-based gaming consoles are designed in such a way that they respond rapidly to anything which displayed on the screen, by which game playing experiences gets wonderful and which keeps you entertained for hours. Before selecting any gaming console, its important to do some research. You can take reviews from your friends about a gaming console, and accordingly decide about the gaming console you would like to purchase.

Here is the list of the classy game consoles:

Atari 2600:

This is the amazing gaming console which is highly favored by the whole gaming industry. It is the predominant video game consoles of all time. It has laid the foundation for the gaming industry. Atari 2600 gaming console is the word for pure class.

Though there is a lot to improve in the field like graphics, music but overall the games are so fabulous and has a different charm. This gaming console has released some of the amazing games like Adventure, Space Invaders, Pitfall. This game console had been first ever console to influence the entire gaming industry.

Sony PS4:

Sony PS4 is yet another trendy and gripping gaming console which have the commendable hardware. It is best knows for its marvelous DualShock Controller and smooth interface. The icing on the cake is that, this gaming console does not cost you a king's ransom.

Nintendo Wii U:

Nintendo is another lovely gaming console of all times. With its splendid console Wii, it has set the world on fire. This notable gaming console is the opponent of the giants like Sony PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox One.

Wii U is the home video game console which is developed by Nintendo. This wonderful Wii U is the first ever gaming console which supports HD graphics. The primary controller it makes use of, is the Wii U Gamepad.

New 3DS and 3DS XL:

New 3DS is another wonderful gaming console which is very popular. Though being the lovely gaming console, it is very pricey if cost is concerned. It is costly if compared with its rivalries. For the games lovers, the value of New 3DS is seen by the games it has given to the game lovers.

Xbox One:

Xbox One is the newbie in the gaming industry. It is the lovely home video game console which is developed by the Microsoft. Its rivalry is the leading giant Sony PlayStation. It is packed with the best features like AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) built around x86-64 instruction set.

It has the ability to overlay live television programming from the existing set-top box or the digital turner for digital terrestrial television with advanced program guide, split screen multitasking of the applications, and enhanced second-screen support.

Sony PlayStation TV:

This lovely gaming console is popular because it is available at the most reasonable price and it had been a commercial success. This top giant game console is developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This brand had hit the market in December, 1994 in Japan. This is the highly favored gaming console of all times and remains to be the commercial success with its every new release.

PlayStation Vita:

PlayStation Vita is yet another gaming console which is known for giving the best quality games to the gaming industry. What makes PlayStation stand out is the incredible design of this game console.

Sony PlayStaion 3 Slim:

This is the stunning slim PlayStation which is developed by the leading giant Sony. This is the first ever PlayStation to make a mark in the gaming industry, and it had been a commercial success since its launch.

This PlayStaion has millions of happy users around the globe. Sony PlayStation 3 Slim is action-packed with quality features like PlayStation Home, music and also custom video playback, web surfing, and picture browsing , and it has been one of a kind Sony Game console of all times.

Xbox 360:

Xbox is yet another remarkable PlayStation. It is best known for its high-def output, amazing wireless controllers and the best in class graphical prowess, which is a dream for every game lover . Xbox is also one of a kid gaming console and is known for having class functionality like Media Center Extender, Xbox Live Arcade, built-in Breville sandwich toaster.

Nvidia Shield TV:

Nvidia Shield TV is wonderful gaming console which is top-notch in the gaming industry. This stunning gaming console is highly favored and is popular among the game lovers, which is loved by the game lovers to the core. The native 4K resolution game supports 60 fps playback. GeForce has been coined as the “Netflix for gaming” and although the library may be at present a little sparse, it gives best experience to the game lovers.


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